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❶She also finished before the deadline which gave me time to proofread and ask her to add more details, which she was willing to do. Importance of the Study………………………………………………………………………….

California Southern University DOCTORAL PROJECT MANUAL

How does it work?

The Learner in conjunction with the Chair and Committee Members arranges the Oral Defense after the Doctoral Project manuscript has been approved by the Dean of the University, and your financial commitment to the University has been met. Approval of the Doctoral Project means that your Committee is in agreement that your Doctoral Project is worthy of the Psy.

The Oral Defense is an opportunity for you and your Committee to present your worth to an audience of scholars and professionals. The Oral Defense takes place in a public forum that may include Faculty, Learners, Alumni, community members, and invited guests. Learners may participate in their Oral Defense either in person at the University, via teleconferencing, or in a video meeting from a distant location. Some Learners consider the Oral Defense as a trial-by-fire.

It is not; the Doctoral Project has been completed. The learner simply defends the research he or she has written. The defense includes two events. Generally, this presentation is made within a minute time frame. A formal questioning period then commences in which Committee Members may ask for an explanation or defense of any aspect of the Doctoral Project development or outcome.

After that, members of the audience may ask questions or make comments. Dialogue during the Oral Defense is formal and serious, but cordial. After the Oral Defense is over, you will be asked to leave the room while your Committee confers about your Doctoral Project and your performance during the defense.

When they are finished, one of two results will be announced to you. Although either of the two results is possible, the University strives to ensure that the first result is achieved. The University stresses the need for the Committee Members to be actively involved in the project process, by providing printed guidelines for a proven project format, and by recommending a sequence of steps for the learner to follow. The members of the Doctoral Project Committee have invested time, effort and professionalism toward the success of the project and in its defense.

They want the learner to succeed! The University offers these suggestions for managing the technical, logistical and emotional aspects of completing the dissertation.

Some of the suggestions may make the process less painful and expedite the completion of the project. General guidelines are provided below and detailed guidelines for assessing the proposal and the completed project are provided at the end of this appendix. You should become familiar with these detailed guidelines since they will be used by the members of your Doctoral Project Committee. Unacceptable Comments Abstract Abstract contains a concise description of the study, a brief statement of the problem, exposition of methods and procedures, and a summary of findings and implications.

We, the undersigned, certify we have read this Doctoral Project and approve it as adequate in scope and quality for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Title of Doctoral Project. This is to certify that I, name of proctor , acting in the capacity of a disinterested third party proctor, was physically present during the oral defense of name of Learner. I further certify that the Learner received no assistance during the defense and that the following information is true and accurate.

Social Security Number of Learner: Title of Doctoral Project: D Learners decide to copyright their projects. This is a good idea if follow-on research is anticipated or if a truly innovative concept is developed in the project.

The University retains the right to use doctoral projects for academic purposes, such as displaying them in a library that is open for public review, making them available for review by other doctoral candidates of this institution, and providing copies for review by educational or professional licensing and accrediting agencies. In the event you choose to copyright your doctoral project, the University still retains its right to use your Doctoral Project for educational purposes as described above.

To document your agreement with this condition, please sign and date the following statement and return this memorandum to me. Learner, do hereby grant California Southern University permission to use my Doctoral Project for educational purposes as described in this memorandum. Your Doctoral Project Manuscript needs to be in the following order: Timely Deliveries Our orders are delivered strictly on time without delay.

Assessment of Oral Defense ………………………………………………………… 34 Appendix E. The Doctoral Project Concept Before a subject is selected or the first word written, examine your personal vision of what a Doctoral Project is supposed to accomplish. Here are some of the common fantasies about Doctoral Project writing which can inhibit or even paralyze the work: My Doctoral Project will be a classic in its field that integrates profound concepts from many branches of inquiry.

My Doctoral Project will be amazingly original that opens territory that has never been explored [redundant]. My Doctoral Project will be a culminating work of creativity that brings forth hidden dimensions of my psyche into a comprehensive whole. Make a contribution of knowledge to the field of study. This can be accomplished in several ways, such as conceptualizing an issue or problem in a novel and useful manner, or synthesizing and interpreting existing data from a literature review of the subject to gain new insights.

Show how a topic area is illuminated through a literature review or how it may be expanded, or changed by the new perspective. The topic represents an enduring interest for the Learner. The Learner will be living with this topic through many months of work; therefore, the topic should provide intellectual value.

Otherwise the topic can grow cold before the Doctoral Project is completed. If a Learner wants to conduct research on an issue or experience that has carried a great deal of intensity in his or her life, the Learner must consider the impact of dwelling on this issue day after day for an extended period of time.

The topic has been explored in the literature to some degree, but has not been overworked. The Learner may encounter difficulties adopting topics that are so new or unusual that no author has written about them.

How does one write a review of the literature when there is no literature? The Learner should do a preliminary survey of published articles, books, and doctoral projects on the proposed topic. Uncovering from useful references in the first run is ideal. It demonstrates the topic is recognized but not overly developed. Ultimately, it is not what others have written, but what the Learner writes that determines the quality of the doctoral project.

It is recommended the Learner select a topic which will contribute to the lives of others. What insights into problems or issues might the work yield? How might the research findings be used in applied settings? If the answers to all of these questions are unclear, the topic may lack theoretical or practical relevance.

In order to be sustainable, a topic should carry academic, personal, and social meaning. The topic should be stated in the form of a clear question. Initially, the Learner may have only a hunch about the subject area to be addressed, but eventually, a specific question of inquiry is required. Remember, the Committee Chair is knowledgeable in the field of study, and has personally gone through a similar Doctoral Project process.

The members may be full-time or adjunct Faculty. All Committee members shall have earned doctoral degrees from accredited or approved institutions. The Chair fulfills the following responsibilities: Reviews Chapters 1 — 5 of the Doctoral Project and coordinates necessary revisions with the Learner. Sends copies of Chapters 1 — 5 to the Committee Members for review and critique. Each member will return Chapters 1 — 5 directly to the Chair with comments and suggestions that will be in turn sent to the Learner.

Coordinates any required changes in the Doctoral Project with the Learner from all of the Committee Members and grants final approval of both the project along with the Power Point Presentation.

Once final approval of Doctoral Project has been approved, a date for the Oral Defense will be established. Signs the Doctoral Project Approval Page. Assures that all related paper work is completed and is on-file at the University. Each Committee Member performs the following functions: Attends the Oral Defense of the Doctoral Project either in person or via conference call.

The font should be point Arial. Italics or bolding may be used in those portions of the project where underlining or capitalization of titles would normally be used for purposes of emphasis or where APA format requires. It is important that consistency in type and formatting be maintained throughout the project.

A left justified margin is preferred. This includes full-page photographs, charts and graphs, the bibliography, and appendices. The next page, the Abstract, is numbered iii, and so forth on to the last preliminary page preceding the text; i.

These preliminary page numbers are to be centered one inch from the bottom edge of the paper. The subsequent text, references, and appendices are numbered in single sequence using Arabic numerals.

Section One begins with the Arabic number 1. The numbers should be centered one inch from the bottom edge of the paper. Heading and sub-heading format should correspond to the format within the document.

Tables and charts should be integrated in the text. Use APA formatting for tables and charts and figures. The Learner must not assume that everyone knows what he or she mean by a term. Learners are in no danger of defining too many terms. Precision of language is a measure of good scholarship. Any acronyms must be spelled out in the text the first time they are used, as well as being defined in this section.

All definitions must be properly cited. In general, the Learner may want to consider the following: Because the Learner will be undertaking a theoretical Doctoral Project in which he or she will be working primarily with conceptual frameworks, he or she will want to review key theorists at length.

The review of the literature may cover a small number of authors, but the treatment of each should be thorough with a purpose that supports the research objective.

If the learner has located a large number of research studies in the area of interest, the review will probably strive for broad coverage rather than studying any one in-depth. Literature reviews often cite 80 — references. Many of these require only brief treatment; others must be reviewed more carefully, because they relate more centrally to the topic. There should be a reason why each work is cited, and this reason should be made clear to the readers.

Comparisons and contrasts among research findings is important. A good indicator that the Learner has exhausted all sources is when he or she starts encountering the same work.

It will enhance the experience if the learner is physically present with members of the Committee during the defense. For a Learner who is defending from a distant location, the Oral Defense is conducted via conference call or videoconference with all Committee Members.

In addition, a proctor, selected and approved by the Committee Chair, shall sit as an observer with the Learner at the distant location.

The proctor shall verify the identity of the Learner and the fact that the Learner received no prompting during the evaluation process. The following tips may be helpful in preparing for this event. Structure the presentation from the project itself. That is, begin with an overview of the question, review some of the most relevant literature; discuss the limitations of the research; discuss the findings; and state the implications for practice and recommendations for research.

The presentation should be prepared to last 20 minutes. Notes may be used during the presentation. The Learner is required to have a copy the Doctoral Project for the presentation and the presentation materials for him or herself and for the Doctoral Project Committee Members. Rehearse the presentation alone or with a friend before delivering it to the audience.

Thoughtful, well-considered answers are more impressive than rambling responses. Asking for clarification on the meaning of a question when required is encouraged.

Rarely do members of the audience intend to challenge the learner in a hostile way. Their questions are intended to probe more deeply into the study, including its limitations. Willingly acknowledge any valid limitations to the work. Everyone wants to see the learner succeed. Most Learners remember their Doctoral Project Defense as a pleasant experience.

The oral defense of the Doctoral Project is accepted. The oral defense of the Doctoral Project is not accepted. Use the Doctoral Project process as another opportunity to learn something about yourself. When you hit a snag and become aware of what is happening, find out what you need in terms of information, support or clarification and take the steps necessary to meet your needs.

When you come up with a Doctoral Project topic, try it out on associates, colleagues, other professionals, and your Academic Advisor. These discussions can keep the creative process going. It can help you generate new ideas within your topic area. Establish a buddy system with other colleagues, if possible.

A support system can be an important asset in completing your project. Create virtual writing groups, in which a deliverable is shared with a peer at the end of the writing period.

Establish a personal workspace to be your research headquarters. Dedicate this as your private space for working on your dissertation. Soon it will become an efficient, positive environment that will speed up your work. It will also alert your family that your research is serious and should not be destroyed.

Placing time on the calendar as class time is most effective. Fully utilize the research potential of the Internet, and other computer access media, if possible. When you find material that is useful to you, record information necessary for the APA reference. Copy the table of contents of books and journals that are devoted to your field. Scan this information and the reference or index list at the end of articles that you read to see if the material is worthy of a more in-depth review.

These documents often provide direction for your research and aid in developing your proposal. Corresponding with the authors can be very beneficial. Review a completed project by your Chair from the last two years. If you begin to feel burned out, take a break.

Forcing yourself to overdose on research or writing will likely result in work below your level of capability. As you write your project, tell your readers in the first paragraph of the first page what your research is about. When you submit your work for review be sure it is neat and accurate.

No one wants to read a document containing misspelled words, incorrect grammar or syntax, or inappropriate citations or references. Proof your work carefully. It often helps to ask someone else to proof your work. A professional editor can be very helpful. Your Dean or the Chair of your Doctoral Project Committee can assist you in locating a professional editor.

When you send material to your Doctoral Project Committee, be sure to give them at least 2 weeks to review and comment on your work. When you contact your Committee, be prepared to state what you want from them and how they can best help you. Comments from individual Committee Members will normally be sent to you.

Working with your Committee involves an exchange of ideas and opinions. Getting the most out of criticism is a skill you should develop. While you may become attached to your theoretical approach or research direction, take time to put yourself in the position of your Committee Members and try to see your work from their perspective.

Receiving a critique from your Committee can be emotionally stressful and leave you angry, disgusted, or rebellious. It is important to process your feelings and ask for help and support to sort out the meaning of the feedback. Sometimes feedback can be perceived in a more positive and constructive manner after you have had time to reflect on what was said.

Never send your only copy of a document to anyone. Always keep a copy on file for you. Always backup your work or keep a copy off line; e. Once you have completed your research, you will probably want to set aside longer work periods to do your writing. Try to periodically free up a day, or a good part of a day, to devote to your writing. When you disagree with a request of a Doctoral Project Committee Member, prepare a well-argued line of reasoning that defends your point of view.

This is intellectual exchange at its best and will probably lead to some kind of reconsideration on the part of the Committee Member. Make your final chapter crisp, sharp, and clear. Do not hesitate to repeat ideas discussed earlier, but do so briefly and conclusively.

Make every sentence in your abstract work for you. The abstract is what most other scholars will read, and key words are what will get your work selected by computerized searches. Use commonly understood words in your title and lead paragraph. Budget your time and maintain your priorities. It is not easy, however; it is best if you attempt to balance your professional, educational and personal life. Is the central theme stated clearly and explicitly?

Is the central theme stated early in the document and carried through consistently to the end? Does the introduction to the study or the review of literature explicitly and clearly locate the theme within a body of relevant theory and research? Is the central theme connected to and justified by the review of the literature?

Does the literature review show the proposed project to be an extension of existing knowledge? That is, can the questions be answered on an theoretical basis? Are the research questions specific enough to be investigated? Does the introduction and literature review lead logically and consistently to the specific questions posed? Is the research worth doing? In the light of current knowledge, does the research deal with questions that are likely to carry the general line of investigation forward?

Does the review of literature follow some kind of thematic progression? Does the review yield new insights and justify your study? Are the majority of citations from work accomplished in the past five years? Is the method a clear-cut, logical extension of the central theme of the research? Can the analysis of data reasonably be expected to bring forth information that will answer the questions posed? Results For the results are they comprehensive and thorough? Do the results follow some sort of thematic progression they are generally presented by research questions?

Is there a brief interpretation provided for the result? Has the researcher drawn conclusions based on the findings indicating the impact current issues? Did you identify implications for practice? Did you provide meaningful recommendations for research? Is the written presentation organized in accord with an appropriate order of reasoning? Is there an adequate balance of conciseness and elaboration, repetition of major points, and useful summaries?

Is the document visually pleasing, and does its visual structure assist in conveying its logical structure? Have formatting guidelines been followed consistently in the write-up and the inclusion of references?

Are all appropriate testing materials and relevant data clearly identified in the appendices? Limitations of the Research Inherent limitations in the methodology are frankly discussed. Implications for Practice Were recommendations made to improve practice in the field? Professionalism The presentation is conducted in a professional manner.

Understanding of the Topic An in-depth understanding of the topic is demonstrated. Free Price Quote Subject: Abstract contains a concise description of the study, a brief statement of the problem, exposition of methods and procedures, and a summary of findings and implications.

Includes a discussion of the literature that is selective, synthetic, analytical, and thematic. In alignment with the question addressed and the theory used in addition, the author demonstrates. The dissertation follows a standard form and has a professional scholarly appearance.

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